About the Project

“Explore the waterway” is a project aiming to preserve the attractiveness of the fishing area and protect the water resources of the region by implementing a complex innovative and qualitative approach for provision and raising of the awareness about the local natural resources. With the implementation of this project, the access to natural landmarks and the traditions of the fishing area will become easier, which is a necessary condition for the development of the fishing and eco tourism, as well as the tourist activities in general.
For this purpose the following will be created: Interactive map of the region, showing the location of water fountains, useful information for their qualities, routes for reaching them, as well as public information about them, and it will also promote their use from fishermen and tourists; an innovative online-based information system for easier access to the natural landmarks and the traditions of the fishing area; an improved marketing strategy for popularization of the natural resources and the cultural identity of the region and promotion of fishing and eco-tourism. Also, a Microbiological and physicochemical analysis of the water from all fountains will be done for the territory of the municipalities Glavnitsa, Tutrakan and Slivo pole, next to every fountain an information sign will be installed indicating the condition of the spring water and the history of some of the fountains.