Ancient castle “Apiaria”

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Ryahovo village, Slivo pole municipality, antique castle of Apiaria – it is situated over the height called Kaleto or Hisarya on the tall Danube river shore; two antique villages.
The Roman castle Apiaria is situated on the Danube shore in Ryahovo village, Slivo pole municipalty. We find information about the castle since a Roman guide from the second half of I century. It is possible that a Trakian village existed there even before that. There was a cavalery troop – squires, parts of 1st Italian and 11 clavdian legions. The city was an episcope centre. By the time of Justian emperor , the castle was renovated. It was taken – from the Avarians in 587. Some authors think that that city continues existing after 6th century and was called Skaria.
According to the information in the guides Apiaria was situated 9 or 14 miles eastern from Tigra (Marten) and 13 miles western from Transmariska (Tutrakan), Karel Shkorpil located it in the terrain of Kale, 6.5 km northeastern of Ryahovo. There are 2 theories about the name – the first one says it is latin the other one – trakian.
The castle was situated on a height called “Kaleto” or “Hisarya”, on the Danube shore. A significant part of the castle was ruined from the waters of Danube, another part was ruined during the construction of Brashlyanovska sprinkler system.
When Karel Shkorpil visited Kaleto for the first time he discovered the southeast corner of the castle, 60 m long. He also mentions the remains of pillars. The wall was 2.40 m thick. The facial parts were constructed from hewn blocks and the inside – blockage of small stones with mortar mixed with crushed clay.
There are no remaining walls on the surface now. When the waters pour out you could see the remainings.


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