Architectural complex “Fishing neighbourhood”

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Rib mah
The architectural complex of “Fishing neighborhood” (unique along the Danube), in authentically restored fisherman’s houses.
The only one in the country fishing villages around Tutrakan is naturally differentiated along the river. With its originality, purity and revival architectural complex “Fishing hamlet” is preserved for future generations in its authentic form with fishing nets, fishing skipper’s workshops and houses. It recalls as a living legend for this occupation of our forefathers, passed from generation to generation, so that today Turtucaia isn’t losing its essence as the prominent fishing and boatbuilding center of contemporary Bulgaria on the Danube.

Fishing neighborhood is located in the northeastern part of the Municipality. It is a cultural monument of national importance with a high degree of authenticity. Until the early twentieth century 1437 fishermen’s families lived there and the number of professional fishermen grew to 2296 people with a city population of 7926 inhabitants. Despite all the vicissitudes of fate in Tutrakan and Southern Dobrudzha in 40s of the twentieth century the total number of fishermen reached about 5,000 people, and “fish pier” has 1,300 fishing boats. Architectural Reserve “Fishing neighborhood” is an integral part of the museum exhibition of the Ethnographic Museum “Danubian Fishing and Boat Construction”.
The scientific value of the fisherman’s neighbourhood is so high also because of the fact that there are houses built 150-200 years ago. They have national significance.
One of the houses is a guest house. It is owed and managed by the Hystorical museum of Tutrakan.


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