Hystorical museum in Zafirovo Village

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The hystorical museum in Zafirovo was built in September 1987 on the initiative of the community centre management. It is a one-floored building in Roman style. The museum corator is Rumen Lipchev, a museum worker from the district museum in Silistra. That hystorical museum systematizes information for the most important events in the region.
The first hall consists of primitive tools, a map of the Roman provinces, Roman road along the Danube and the remains of a Thracian mound in Sokol village. The second one has wooden and household tools, pottery, household fabrics aprons, pillows, towels, male and female clothing. In the third hall are classified maps and written documents of important events during Turkish rule. The fourth room is the largest in size – the materials are mostly photographs from the life of the local population Dobrudga until 1985. Currently the museum is supported by the town hall Zafirovo.


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