Memorial complex “Military Cemetery – 1916”

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After the Interallied war and the first national catastrophe Southern Dobrudzha is included in Romania Kingdom lands. The Romanian authorities put a gread amount of money and efforts to straighten the new border line and Tutrakan became one of the most powerful fortres for two years.
On the 1st Sept. 1916 Bulgaria declared war to Romania to protect its national pride. A part of 3rd Bulgarian army, 4th Preslav division is opposed to the impressive Romanian power, first brigade from First Sofia Division and the Danube detachment under gen. Panteley Kiselov’s command.
The attack started in 5th Sept. 1916 morning. Despite the opposition of Romania the forefront falls. The offence continues the next day. In 15:30 the Romanian garrison capitulated. Gen. Panteley Kiselow enters the free Tutrakan in 6:00. The Bulgarian army captivates 450 officers, 28 000 worriers and the whole opponary weapons.
After that epic fight IV preslav division decides to bury all Bulgarian Romanian and german warriors on 7 front of the Romanian fortification line of the fortress 8 km away from Tutrakan.
There were 8000 warriors and officers, 1764 bulgarian buried near Tutrakan.
The next greatful generation, in 1922, puts a memorial – an obelisk, which is still there. “Eternal honour and remembering for the ones who died heroically for their country” in Bulgarian Romanian and German.
A campaign for building an alley of the fame with the names of the dead in that fight people started in 1996. It was financed by the municipalities and finished.
In 2002 a project for spatial layout Memorial “Military tomb -1916”was build. It is a park with a stage for the official celebrations. Two howitzers “Krup” for eternal guard were installed there as well. During 2007’s spring the chapel of “St. George the Victorious” was ceremoniously lit.
This memorial is dayly visited from citizens and relatives of the fallen who bow and place wreaths in memorial of the heroes of Tutrakan and Dobrudzha.
The biggest celebrations of that sacrifice are the ones on St. George’s day and during the first week of September.


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