Roman settlement Transmariska – North wall

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The Roman village Transmariska is dated 40-50years A.D. By the end of III century it is a military post on Danube coast. Transmariska is visited by emperor Diokletiyan in 294 year because of the Garrison construction. The construction of the Late Antique castle started under his authority. That construction was finished in 299 year when Diokletiyan came to town for his second visit. A sign that calls the fortress “prezidii” was placed there during his visit. The castle is one of the four biggest military centres on the coast of Second Mizia province. There is the residence of the prefect of the second part of the XI Klavdii Legion. He was the commander of 5 cohorts of the legion. With them he controlled the coast of the river from Ryahovo village to Dolno Ryahovo village. Late in V and VI century Transmariska is a episcopal centre. The antique village died in VII century as a result of barbarian invasions.


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