Thracian tomb “Babovo”

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Roman tomb with a national importance. The find is connected to the big antique city-fortress Apiaria, 4km northwest from the mound. The remains are now laying in the Danube waters.
Half kilometer east of Babovo, Slivo pole municipalty, is the Roman tomb. It is a complicated facility in the geometric center of the mound with a height of 7 m diameter at the base of 41 meters. It consists of four series-connected rooms – entrance, dromos (corridor), second entrance and burial chamber, with a total length of 22.50 meters.
In term four rooms are rectangular, oriented southwest-northeast. They are located at different levels, due to undercutting part of the burial facility. Construction was performed by cut stone blocks and bricks with walls semi-cylindrical vaults. Solder alloy with a mortar of crushed brick. In the northern wall of the first hall is the entrance of the tomb, closed with double doors.
Room height is 4.72 meters, covered with a gable roof over the one line semi-cylindrical brick vault. Decorative brick belt is developed outside- “Wolf tooth”. Through four steps you can reach to the porch, covered with bricks. Dromos covered with brick vault has a length of 7.20 meters and a height of 1.80 meters. The floor has a slope to the south and leads to a stone wall separated by a second hall and the chamber having a total length of 12.5 meters and a height of 2 80 m. Mortise are almost entirely in materikoviya terrain (of 2.70 meters from the ancient level).
The chamber is further finished off with a well-cut stone blocks. Semi-cylindrical vault is built of stone blocks with trapezoidal shape. The floor is covered with stone slabs. The tomb was robbed in antiquity, but in the course of the studyh materials were found, allowing construction to refer to the second half of the II century by the end of III c. after Christ.
The Roman town located near the Apiariya tomb – one of the largest in the Bulgarian lands, probably belonged to some prominent citizen of Thracian origin and members of his family. Found in the burial chamber finds – Onion fibula bronze, silver belt and a coin of Emperor Licinius show that the tomb near Babovo was used until the beginning of IV century after Christ., when it was robbed and abandoned.


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