Little Preslavets Swamp

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The swamp of Malak Preslavets is situated on the 412 km on Danube river, 3-4 km from the village and 20 km west from Srebarna lake. It’s east side is next to arable, southern boundaries are a mixed deciduous forest, west is the dike that separates it from the river, and the north is defined by road leading from the village to the harbor.
The total area of the marsh is 38.5 hectares. It should be noted that the construction and structure are very similar to Silver Lake. Its geological history is very interesting. One million years ago the northeastern part of the Danube plain is already drought.
The lake was formed on that land due to erosion activity of quaternary river that washed away the Getti Sands. They are unstable and easily crumbled and succumbed to landslides and washing.
This process steeps the river mouth and reduces the velocity, while the waves of sands form sand hair. The swamp has extensive water mirror and a small floodplain terrace when rising water increases.
Currently swamp water supply is surface waters, and possibly groundwater springs. Its surface is above the average level of the Danube. Its depth in the northwest reaches five meters. The slope of the bottom in the south is about 2 degrees, leading to abrupt changes in water area in a slight rise in water.
Around the swamp occur the following plant species: chicory, borage, red clover, small and bulging duckweed, rootless volfilis, vnogokorenchesta spirodela, floating hornwort, water buttercup, fernleaf and broadleaf cattail and undoubtedly the plant number one of the swamp – white water lily .
The most extensive is the bird world in the spring and summer. They can see Squacco Heron, small and large egret, gray heron, mute swan, whiskered tern. Throughout the year, occur Marsh harrier, buzzard, Montagu’s harrier, blackbird, hawk, coot – Liska (its presence indicates that the water swamp are clean), Ferruginous Duck, Great Crested Grebe, Garganey, Cormorant, Bittern.
Malak Preslavets was declared a natural landmark by Order № 310 from 04.19.1986 years of PSC. Its preservation is entrusted to the State Forestry – Municipality. Study of biodiversity in this region has almost never been done.


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