Marketing Strategy


The strategy was developed under the project “Get to Know the Water Path”, commissioned by the Center for Innovative Practices and funded under Grant Contract Reg. No. 455, dated 28 October 2014, under Measure 4.1. “Development of Fisheries Areas” under the Operational Programme for the Development of the Fisheries Sector in the Republic of Bulgaria, funded by the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) for the programming period 2007 – 2013.

Current Situation


  • Rich biodiversity
  • Cultural and historical heritage
  • Ethno-cultural diversity
  • Temples of different religions
  • Authentic folklore and cuisine
  • Tradition in fishing
  • Port and shelters
  • Labour resource
  • Busy community centers
  • High potential for ecological and ornithological tourism


  • Lack of a solid tradition in tourism
  • Lack of an area-common brand and product
  • Insufficient accommodation capacity
  • Underdeveloped tourist information system
  • Not socialized archaeological sites
  • Difficult access to protected areas and islands


  • Exhibition of unique natural, cultural and historical sites
  • Diversified development of accommodation places (hotel complexes, guest houses, camping areas)
  • Joint tourism products with Romania
  • Development of alternative and bio-agriculture
  • Construction of facilities for water sports and fishing


  • Inadequate economic situation
  • Delay in the development of knowledge economy
  • Deepening demographic problem and labor emigration
  • Delay and loss of an advantage over competing tourist destinations
  • Seasonality of the tourism sector

If the citizens of the country were 100:

  • 16 would have heard of this fishing area
  • 27 would have heard of the Thracian tomb mound in Babovo, but only 4 would have visited it
  • 21 would know Syanovski Monastery “St. Marina”, but only 4 would have been there

If travel agents were 100:

  • 36 would have heard of the ancient fortress “Transmariska”
  • 35 would know the Thracian tomb mound in Babovo
  • 33 would have heard of the Ethnographic Museum “Danubian Fishing and Boat Construction”
  • 43 would not know any landmark



  • Conversion of the fishing area into a modern and attractive European destination
  • Variety of water-related tourist services, filtered through the emotional focus of cultural experiences

Strategic Objects

  • To increase revenue from tourism
  • To increase the domestic market share
  • To reduce the seasonality of tourism
  • To preserve and exhibit the cultural, historical and archaeological sites
  • Nature protection

Water and river tourism

For young and active people from Bulgaria, Romania and Europe

  • construction of facilities for practising amateur water sports
  • creating water attractions
  • rest areas near the river or lake with accommodation provided
  • tourist routes on water

Cultural tourism

For all young people and adults who are inspired by history

  • preservation and development of folklore and culinary traditions
  • wide publicity of unique festivals and events
  • socialization of cultural, historical and archaeological sites
  • development of itineraries and packages related to the cultural and historical heritage

Ecological tourism

For those seeking an authentic experience in nature

  • socialization of unique natural sites in protected areas
  • creating green schools
  • increasing and diversifying eco paths and routes
  • electronic catalogue with maps and video
  • rules for drivers and connoisseurs of natural sites and for tour guides

Hunting and fishing tourism

For hunting and fishing connoisseurs

  • specialization of farms for the purpose of tourism
  • furnishing the existing boat shelters and construction of new ones
  • holidays of fishing, fishermen, the river
  • tourist packages for international hunting and fishing

Ornithological tourism

For those all over the world who appreciate many rare species

  • construction of monitoring zones and sites
  • birds video
  • development of educational programs, routes and packages
  • society – Friends of Birds

Pilgrimage tourism

For people who follow the religious tradition and rituals

  • mapping of churches, mosques, temples
  • promotion of the temples through website
  • improving the environment near religious temples
  • tourist product – religious beliefs and legends

Municipal plans

Slivo Pole

  • diversification of economic activities and development of the tourism sector
  • preservation of cultural and historical heritage
  • promotion of biodiversity


  • establishment of closed boat shelters
  • socialization of Malak Preslavets swamp
  • development of river sites and fisheries


  • creating a network of eco paths and bicycle corridors, scenic sites, rest areas
  • establishing camping sites near Tutrakan, the villages along the river Danube
  • promoting a cultural calendar of event as a tourist attraction

Basic activities

  • brand development of the fishing area;
  • establishment of a major tourist portal and information centers;
  • development of tourism products and service packages;
  • creating promotional materials and carrying out advertising campaigns
  • development of specialized strategies and plans by markets;
  • socialization of natural, cultural and historical sites;
  • continuously improving the quality of tourism products and services.