Syanov Monastery “St. Marina”

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Syana Monastery “St. Marina” is situated next to Syanovo village, 22 km away from Tutrakan and 53 km east of Ruse. The Monastery is an open one but there are no monks there. Interesting thing about it is the healing spring, which is the only force in Dobrudzha. Every year on the patron saint’s day (July 17), many pilgrims flocked the monastery from across the country and have to touch the healing waters of the spring.
Old a legend says that is nearby town called Pascale, of which remained the name of the “Paskalaka.” The town had three monasteries: “Marina”, “Nicholas” and “St. Mina”. At the end of the 14th century the invasion of the Turks in these monasteries were looted and fires. Gradually the memory of them faded. Only the legend of the miraculous fountain where people once gathered for healing remained.
In 1911 the holy spring welled up again and pilgrims started coming from everywhere. The news of the springs spread rapidly and the source was captured. In 1943, the parish priest of Syanovo, Father Dimitar celebrated the consecration of the spring and washed himself with healing water. Miracle happened – his rheumatism was cured.
Father Dimitar decided to rebuild the monastery, of which recounted the local legend. Dorostolo-Cherven’s Bishop Michael gave permission on 10/16/1944. They founded a committee to collect donations. In 1944-45, the chapel which sheltered the holy spring was built. Three rooms for pilgrims were built there. Although no monks, the monastery was rebuilt under the name “Marina”.
Around 1950 he accepted the first nun Thekla. She died in 1960 and difficult years occurred for the monastery. The then government did not look kindly on the monastery. The pilgrims moved away alarmed by the continuing threats. The monastery began to crumble. Treasure hunters began to search for treasures. Gradually, the fountain was overflowing and chapel – half destroyed.
Only in 1991 emerged the idea of the restoration of the monastery. The fountain was discovered, and a new chapel was built above it. A small building was built. Every year on the patron saint’s day on July 17, many pilgrims flocked from far and near. The small residential building of the monastery was built during the 90s of the 20th century. New residential buildings for pilgrims are currently being built.
Legend of the St. Marina: Marina was the daughter of a pagan priest from Antioch. She was raised by her father in idolatry, but when she turned 12 years she learned about Christ by a travelling preacher and fervently believed in him. She wanted to be baptized, but she could not find someone to do it. When her father learned of her faith, he became her first persecutor and tormentor. Only 16-year-old Marina was subjected to brutal torture by the local governor and on July 17 was cut off. There are celebrations that honour her on that day.


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