Slivo pole

Municipality Slivo pole – a lovely piece of the puzzle of our beautiful Motherland – conveniently located east of the Bulgarian Danube city of Ruse: with its 276 square kilometers of green fertile Danube plain; both on the main road Ruse-Silistra and at the same time captivating with infinite beauty of wheat heavy with grain, swaying from the summer breeze, interspersed with proud woodlands of deciduous forests, and on the north – carved by a slowly swaying silver line, drawn from the strong Danube waters, infusing life and fertility into this wonderful region.

Each of the 11 villages has its own spirit, carried on the wings of centuries of history, hiding many secrets yet to be discovered. Along with the cultural-historic monuments of the last centuries, which there are authentic documents and data about, we are seeing unexplored archeological landmarks, surrounded by legends and myths – Trakian mounds in Babovo and Kosharna, antique Roman town of Apiariya in Ryahovo, traces of the Eolith age.

The protected area Kalimok-Brashlen is of great interest in the field of alternative tourism; part of that area falls into the territory of Slivo pole. There, a rich variety of animal kinds has been preserved, including 230 kinds of birds, representing 50% of the birds in Bulgaria, as well as reptiles, amphibians and mammals, rare or endangered species, as well as species, registered in The Red Book of Bulgaria as moribund.

The greatest wealth of the municipality are hardworking people linked by the common idea of well-being and sustainable development of the homeland, regardless of ethnic origin, traditions and religion.