Cultural Tourism

The largest military cemetery from the wars for national unification, built in one of the forts of the impregnable Romanian strongholds, the pre-historic village near Malak Preslavets, the ethnographic museum in Tutrakan, the ancient fortress in Brashlen, the residential mound from 5000 years ago in the area “Yaz tepe”, the burial mounds in Golyamo Vranovo, a multitude of tekkes, the pre-historic village in the area “Gradishteto”, the ancient fortress “Transmariska”, as well as the numerous spring fountains are just part of the rich cultural-historic heritage of the fishing area.

Besides the various cultural landmarks, there are a lot of traditions and celebrations that are very interesting, such as the Apricot festival or the most delicious fish soup competition, part of the traditional festival of Tutrakan. If you are hungry, then you must definitely taste some of the local delicacies. If you are lucky enough to be guests of a Tatar house, do not be surprised if they put a sugar cube in your mouth. It is out there to melt and be tasted with each sip of coffee. Tatar women prepare an abundance of pastries. The khalahai bread is another Tatar specialty. It is made on George’s day. It is rolled on the ground like a wheel. The longer the bread rolls, the better the harvest – that is what Tatars believe.

Southern Castle wall

обл. Tutrakan trans-south 2

Roman and Byzantine castle is lies under the present-day town with an area of 65 decares. One part of its towers are s …


Roman settlement Transmariska – North wall

обл. Tutrakan trans-north

The Roman village Transmariska is dated 40-50years A.D. By the end of III century it is a military post on Danube coas …


Roman road Transmarinian-Mediolanum-Apiaria

обл. Tutrakan Pic

The Roman road from the castles Transmariska- Medolanum-Apiaria was a part of the northern border of the Roman empire; …


Ancient castle “Apiaria”


Ryahovo village, Slivo pole municipality, antique castle of Apiaria – it is situated over the height called Kaleto or …


Memorial complex “Military Cemetery – 1916”

обл. Tutrakan IMG_13781

After the Interallied war and the first national catastrophe Southern Dobrudzha is included in Romania Kingdom lands. …


Hystorical museum in Zafirovo Village

обл. Glavnitsa Zafirovo 0

The hystorical museum in Zafirovo was built in September 1987 on the initiative of the community centre management. It …


Ethnographic museum “Danube fishing and boat building”

обл. Tutrakan Tutrakan BG Mar05 Fish museum 0

The ethnographic museum “Danube fishing and shelters” has one of its kind exhibition in Bulgaria. It is connected with …


Architectural complex “Fishing neighbourhood”

обл. Tutrakan Rib mah

The architectural complex of “Fishing neighborhood” (unique along the Danube), in authentically restored fisherman’s h …


Theodor’s house – Hystorical museum Tutracan

обл. Tutrakan route3-istoricheski-muzei-fond

The hystorical museum – Tutrakan was found in 1993 in “Theodor’s house”. The exposure of it shows the 20 centured hist …


Thracian tomb “Babovo”

обл. Slivo Pole Grob

Roman tomb with a national importance. The find is connected to the big antique city-fortress Apiaria, 4km northwest f …


Biodiversity Alley

обл. Tutrakan Aleq Bioraznoobrazie

The information alley in Danube park in Tutracan has information about the biodiversity in the region with themed plat …


Amphitheatre – stage

обл. Tutrakan Amfiteatyr scena

The keystone of the cultural and social activities in the Danube park in Tutrakan is the open amphitheatrical stage wi …


Information Centre Glavnitsa – Hristo Botev community centre

обл. Glavnitsa IMG_1384

In the center of Glavinitsa is the Hristo Botev – 1940 community center. It is renovated and now includes a center for …


Guest House Yellow house

обл. Slivo Pole jylta kyshta

The Yellow house is situated in Borisovo village, 23 km northeast from Rousse and 12 km away from Danube bridge. The t …


Ritual home with art gallery

обл. Tutrakan Hudojestvena Galeria

With its perfect architecture that mixes traditions and modernity, original wall-paintings, stained glasses, mirrored …


Crossroad Restaurant

обл. Slivo Pole Razklona res

Crossroad Restaurant is a place designed in a rural setting with a huge garden. It is situated in route 21 Rousse- Sil …


Fishermen meeting Restaurant

обл. Slivo Pole Ribarska sreshta

Ryahovo Restaurant is situated in Ryahovo village, on a terrace in Danube River shore. There is a shelter in front of …