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If you are a nature lover, then you will definitely find a lot of interesting places to visit in the fishing area “Glavnitsa, Slivo pole, Tutrakan”. The largest Bulgarian protected region “Kalimok-Brashlen” is also here. With its marshes, reed beds, flooded forests, wet meadows, sand strips it is a habitat for over 400 species of plants, 60 species of fish, 20 species of reptiles and amphibians, 40 species of mammals, 230 bird species (out of 403 in Bulgaria) and thousands invertebrates.

Furthermore, here you can find the protected area “Complex Aleko-Telika”, which includes the eastern part of Aleko Island and the nearby group of smaller islands, located near the village Sandrovo. The natural habitats on the islands are home for endangered plant and animal species from national and world importance.

The protected area “Malak Preslavets Swamp” is another extremely interesting spot for nature lovers. Unlike the other swamps near the Danube, it does not dry with the receding waters, as it is more lake-like because of the karst springs on the bottom. One of the most interesting plants here is the white water lilly (Nymphaea alba) – a plant with the status of endangered species in the Red Book of Bulgaria. This species forms colonies, which occupy nearly 46 decars of the surface of the swamp and form the largest blooming population in the territory of Bulgaria. It is definitely worth seeing.

Silver leaf lime, spring cyclamen and marsh snowdrop are just part of the rich variety, which can be seen in the region and which offers wonderful conditions for exploration walks in the nature.

Ancient castle “Apiaria”


Ryahovo village, Slivo pole municipality, antique castle of Apiaria – it is situated over the height called Kaleto or …


Protected area “Kalimok-brashlen”

обл. Tutrakan Kalimok

According to the management plan for the protected area “Kalimok Brushlen” 2006-2016 year, the site has an area of 577 …


Little Preslavets Swamp

обл. Glavnitsa 39131947

The swamp of Malak Preslavets is situated on the 412 km on Danube river, 3-4 km from the village and 20 km west from S …


Observation tower “Malopreslav swamp”

обл. Glavnitsa 20141102_103406

It is situated on the northerneastern edge of the swamp in a relaxation zone with parking spaces, alleys and a panoram …


“Malopreslav swamp” Pavilion

обл. Glavnitsa 20141102_104149-600x450

The Malopreslav swamp is a protected area 4 km north from Malak Preslavets, near Danube River. The region is full of m …


Barrel “Peshtera”


This is a cave whose entrance looks like a barrel. The story tells that there is a hoard inside but it is sprinkled wi …


Little Preslavets Pavillion

обл. Glavnitsa Besedka

Malopreslav swamp is a protected area situated 4 km north from Litle Preslavets village near Danube River. The region …


Tutrakan playground

обл. Tutrakan Детска зона

The children zone includes relaxation places for parents with strollers, multifunctional facilities for children, swin …


Relaxation zone Babovo

обл. Slivo Pole Zona-za-otdih

The relaxation zone is situated next to the centre of Babovo village and offers a great chance for walks, relax and pl …


Relaxation zone Aleko Island

обл. Slivo Pole Zona-za-otdih-Sl.-Pole-ribarski-naves-i-izlaz-km-brega1

This relaxation zone is situated right on Danube River. The place is fenced; it has benches and tables, fresh water an …



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Office of the local initiative fishing group “Glavnitsa-Tutrakan-Slivo pole”